A&R Music
would like to welcome the new incoming 2021
Begining Band Parents and their Students


  A+R Music provides many services for our...
Elementary, Middle School & High School customers as well as their teachers.

A+R Music visits your
students school on a weekly basis.

A+R Music serves many Downriver school districts. 

A+R Music provides a rental program to the student in our service districts, that are wishing to rent instruments. 

We Currently Rent to the Following School Systems:
Allen Park  /  Brownstown  /  Creative Montessori  /  Dearborn  /  Dearborn Heights  /  Flatrock
Gibraltar  /  Grosse Ile.  /  Huron Schools  /  Lincoln Park  /  Melvindale  /  Monroe  /  Monroe Jefferson
Riverview  /  Romulus  /  Southgate
 /  Summit Academy  /  Taylor  /  Trenton  /  Woodhaven  &

If you're not sure if your school is in one of our service districts,
please feel free to e-mail us at armusicco@yahoo.com

  Why rent from A&R Music?

There are several reasons to rent from A & R Music Company. 
But first of all, we are well-known for the attention we pay to our customers. 

We realize that each customer is a human being, not just a blinking light on the phone or a face in line at the store.  A & R Music has been  in business for over 40+ years.  One of the major reasons for our success is our service to customers.

While we utilize a wide variety of technology in our business, we don't let it get in the way of our service.  One of the most annoying things to experience is having to press buttons on a phone, and direct yourself through a huge menu to get to the right department, and then wait on hold for over an hour, for someone to pick up and say, "Well, you need another department".  We know what this is like, and therefore, we make it our goal to bring you the answers and the service that you want from a business. 

In addition to our incredible service and  customer support, we have one of the finest Band Instrument Repair Technicians in THE WORLD.  Mr. Timothy Holmes is a professional repair technician of instruments, and professional conservationist of antique and vintage instruments.  He has, and currently does work for professionals all across the world including orchestra members and soloists.  He is an appraiser and conservationist for Greenfield Village and other historic organizations, specializing (but definitely not limited to) Civil War period instruments.  In fact, several of the instruments on the newest movie version of The Music Man have been under the careful and experienced hand of Mr. Holmes.




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