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A & R Music Company offers several repair services, including guitar, amp, stringed instrument repair, and we are very proud of our On-Site Band Instrument Master Repair Technician, Tim Holmes.



Internationally Renowned Band Instrument Master Repair Technician.

Professional Conservationist of Antique and Vintage Instruments, including (but not limited to) Civil War Period Instruments

Is an Instrument Conservator and Consultant for THE HENRY FORD "Greenfield Village" and other historical organizations

Tim has also trained some of the area's band instrument technicians, musicians, and music instructors

Has Lectured at Wayne State University on Instrument Repair.

Is a professional flutist and saxophonist and studied under some of the finest players, including
Detroit Symphony Orchestra members and the famed saxophonist, Herbert Couf.


"The boys in the back room"

(by Richard C. Lozon, Downriver Profile, July 1989)

Bet you thought I was going to write something about some seamy side of the music business. Well, surprise! This is about the boys in the  back room of A & R Music where the repairs are  made to musical instruments. 

Recently, I showed up at A & R Music (located  on Fort Street in Lincoln Park), hat in hand,  looking for Tim Holmes, the ace saxophone  repair person. 

The Repair Guy
Tim Holmes

I really can't remember how long I've known Tim and his expert work reputation at repairing instruments. But I do remember falling on my saxophone and crushing it on my ice covered driveway late one night, and having Tim fix it within two weeks it played better than before. What a miracle man!

The reason all this is important is that I have come to realize that many people give their children music lessons and have hopes that the child will be able to learn to play an instrument and enjoy making music for life. Very often, the child's instrument is not the best, it has leaks or problems which make it hard to play and thus not much fun. The child loses interest and later on tells people like me that they are sorry they quit.

Thus, my high regard for the "boys in the backroom" at A & R Music. They're great. They take some pretty rough looking and playing instruments, and through their expertise, transform them into playable and maybe even enjoyable instruments.

Tim Holmes is a master instrument repairman and has been for some time. He specializes in saxophones and brass instruments. He designs and builds his own instruments in addition to repairing instruments for many of the "pros" in town.

Tim also is on call to Greenfield Village and Museum for repairs to the antique instruments. Needless to say, I trust him with my own precious horns and look to him to make music more enjoyable for me by keeping my instruments in tip-top shape. He's a good source of advice for evaluation of the purchase of a new or used instrument.

I should also Tim is an excellent musicians. So the importance of a well playing instrument to jazz or any other form of music must not be overlooked, particularly for beginners who are struggling just to make a sound.



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